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How It Works

Check out this short, animated film to learn how you can participate in the Wisdom Study.

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Study Details

Read on to learn more about who can join and the participation process.

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  • Help Us End the Confusion

    It's so easy! All of the steps can be completed at home at your own convenience. Just click here to get started, and you will be directed to a page in which you can tell us more about yourself.

    Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be asked to sign a consent form and fill our additional surveys online. We are currently able to enroll women who:

    • Are 40-74 years old
    • Have no personal history of breast cancer or ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
    • Have no history of mastectomy in both breasts

    * Due to the specific measures of this particular study, we are unable to enroll transgender women in this study.
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  • Joining Wisdom

    Women can participate in Wisdom who are between 40-74 years old and have never had breast cancer. You will be directed to log into our secure site to complete a health history questionnaire. You will then select your Study Group. Women can participate in WISDOM and be randomly assigned to receive either Annual Screening or Risk-based Screening, with an equal chance of being assigned to either group. For scientific reasons, it is important to have as many women as possible assigned to each group, randomly. However, Wisdom respects the preference of its patients so if you strongly favor one screening schedule over the other, you can choose your study group. You will then sign a consent form to participate.
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  • Having Wisdom

    You will be contacted in one year to complete a survey and update any changes to your health or family history that may impact your risk. You will return for your next mammogram based on your screening group recommendations. We will continue to follow you throughout this 5 year study and for as long as you remain under our care Your continued participation will give you access to cutting edge screening care and make screening a better experience for all women today and for your daughters and granddaughters tomorrow.
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  • Your Group Assignment

    You will receive confirmation of your group assignment (Annual or Risk-based). If you are in the Risk-based group, you will provide a saliva sample to look at the genetic factors that contribute to your risk of developing breast cancer. This will be done via the US Mail. If you are in the Annual Group, and not determined to be at elevated risk, you will return for your next mammogram in one year. If you are in the Risk-based group, you will return for your next mammogram based on the new model we are testing which will use information from your mammogram, questionnaire, and genetic test result. No one will be getting any less screening than current guidelines suggest.

  • Randomly Assigned

    The majority of women in the study choose this option. You’re randomly put into a group. This helps Wisdom the most

  • Self-selected

    The minority of women in the study choose this option. You choose which screening group you are assigned to.

  • Personalized

    Your personal breast cancer risk will determine your recommended screening schedule.

  • Annual schedule

    You will receive the standard annual mammogram with the same quality care we are known for.


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